St. Stephen, New Brunswick – The Middle of Everywhere.

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St. Stephen is a small town of around 5,000 people at the hub of Charlotte County, New Brunswick. St. Stephen was incorporated as a town in 1871. The addition of railroads to the area added another facet to St. Stephen’s heritage by providing transportation to serve the burgeoning manufacturing sector. At one time the town was home to factories producing many goods, namely soap, shoes, baskets, axes, cigars, carriages, and of course chocolate.

The architecture and some of the enterprises of this era can still be seen in St. Stephen, including the chance to sample the wares of major candy manufacturer Ganong Brothers. While times have changed, the perseverance of the people and diversification of its economic base have allowed the town to thrive.

The communities of Calais, Maine and St. Stephen, New Brunswick continue to share lives as “border towns” in a most neighbourly fashion. In fact, in 1812 the people of St. Stephen loaned Calais sufficient gunpowder to celebrate the 4th of July while both countries were technically at war!

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“It is one of the handsomest residences in town.”
St. Croix Courier, January 27, 1870.
 “I know how hard it is to keep an older home – you make it worthwhile to the joy of others.”
Fall River, NS.